Don’t let the Facebook Ads fool you.

Last year, I spent way too much money on gifts for my family and friends. And because I was in a new house, I also spent a ton of money on decorations for my yard and inside my house, too.

It is really hard to keep the reins on your checking account during the holiday season.

You think you’re saving money because you make purchases during…

So, you’ll have a happier holiday if you avoid sensitive topics.

This is my first Thanksgiving since the pandemic. When my mother sent out the invitations, she politely asked that if you’re attending unvaccinated, please get tested beforehand, because my dad is very high risk. It was weird to have to ask. It was weird to feel weird about asking.

After the final RSVPs, I think only vaccinated guests are attending.


Thank you, Taylor, for reminding us what we’re worth.

Taylor Swift is a feminist icon and it’s a damn shame that she does not always get the credit she deserves. People describe her as whiny. Cliche. And let us not forget all those freaking snake emojis.

But what woman making serious strides has not been subjected to scrutiny?

So, here’s what I have to say about Taylor Swift.

Her music is…

Gigi Love

I write short & spicy romance and need coffee. I have questions (and answers) about sex, love, and pop culture.

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